HomeschoolPsych / Psychology: A Christian Perspective (Main)

Tim Rice writes about psychology from a Christian. He teaches online classes to Christian high school students and he is the author of two books; 

“Psychology gets overlooked in high school, but it is the most worldview-challenging class kids take in college. You’ve probably read statistics about college students walking away from their faith. If that’s true and if it has anything to do with college classes, I believe it has the most to do with Psych 101,” says Rice.

“We need to prepare them.” “Psychology is controversial, but we can’t ignore it. Students need to understand that the Christian worldview provides the best context for understanding human psychology,” says Rice. “They won’t hear that at State U. Instead, many professors actively try to discredit the Christian worldvie,w. My books are designed to equip parents and teachers to get in front of this problem.”

Like other introductory Psychology textbooks, Homeschool Psych 2nd Edition and Psychology: A Christian Perspective teach students the science of Psychology but do not lose sight of the belief that Mankind was created in the image of God and that the Bible best describes human nature

Both books are thorough, age-appropriate, easy to use, and distinctively Christian.